It’s always nice to show a customer around one of our warehouses where his goods are stored. Especially when they came over from America. We are talking about the fragrances of Diana Vreeland.

Alexander Vreeland (in the picture above) wanted to continue his grandmother’s legacy in a far-reaching way that would empower people and create a lasting impression as she did. Vreeland has said, “I am always amazed at how much my grandmother’s spirit still spurs people to do great things.”

Diana Vreeland

Mrs. Vreeland loved fragrance, and would refresh herself with it continually – she believed it was important to present yourself impeccably and a signature scent was paramount. Fragrance to her was without question mysterious and romantic – something to ignite passion and create excitement. This inspiration lead to the creation of Diana Vreeland Parfums.

Supply Chain

Neele-Vat Logistics is proud to be a part of the supply chain of Diana Vreeland. We ship the goods from the US to Rotterdam. After the goods have gone through customs we store them in our warehouse to finally deliver the parfums to the customers throughout Europe.

“This is a great shame, but of course there have to be some things in life that not everybody can have and a great perfume is one of them.”